Mozart in Salzburg

For many centuries, Salzburg's Prince Archbishops held political and religious power in the region. Today we can still see the impressive architectural legacy of their supremacy, in buildings made possible thanks to the wealth created by the salt mining industry. The image of the city today is still defined by the real masterpieces of magnificent architecture built by the most famous artists and master builders of different eras. The many castles, such as the Archbishops' summer residence Schloß Hellbrunn, with its unique water games, and the more than 30 churches and the imposing cathedral with its highly valuable works of art make Salzburg a magnet for hundreds of thousands of guests each year from all over the world. The importance of Salzburg's Old Town has even been recognised by the United Nations and it is protected as a World Heritage Site - not least because this is where the world's most famous musician was born. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart must be Salzburg's most famous son, and he grew up here. At the end of the bus tour you can visit Mozart's home, restored to its original condition, and enjoy a multimedia presentation of his life.

Discover with us the worlds of the Prince Archbishops and of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and be captivated by the fascinating splendour of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.