Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

A romantic drive through the beautiful region of Berchtesgaden which at the same time offers an exciting tour of the Bavarian Alps. Our route takes us past the legendary Untersberg and picturesque farming villages to the Obersalzberg, 1000 metres above sea level. This is where the road to the Kehlsteinhaus or Eagle's Nest begins, one of Europe's most spectacular mountain roads, where only local buses are permitted to drive. Finally, a lift takes us up to the Tea House, located at 1834 m, which was a gift to Adolf Hitler on the occasion of his 50th birthday. From this historic spot, the views over the mountains of Salzburg, the Tirol and Berchtesgaden are stupendous.

Another stop is at the Königsee. Nestling between the soaring mountains, of which the Watzmann is probably the most well-known, the lake is like a pearl dropped by nature in southern Bavaria.

In the town of Berchtesgaden you will also have the opportunity to try a Bavarian Schmankerl (delicacy). There are experienced tour operators to help you discover this wonderful area by offering a range of different tours, tailored to meet your needs and always accompanied by an expert guide.